Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meet the lil' Woman

Hey all! I've decided to create a new blog and devote it solely to my wonderful family...5 Boys, One Man and the Lil' Woman that somehow survives to share our stories. Well, this is me!

Am I what you expected? This picture was taken by my wonderful Husband while I was outside taking candle pics..Please excuse the pulled back sloppy hair and cheesy grin, as he always has a way of making me blush ♥ Our life is a lot like most families. He owns his own construction business and I stay at home with all the kids making candles and tarts to sell online for x-tra cash. We have 5 boys ages 13,12,10,8 and 2. They are the "life of party" in all situations and sometimes make me want to scream! I blog for sanity and make candles to release to stress..*chuckles softly*

Poor kids would probably kill me for posting this they "said" they were to big to play in the kiddy pool..haha!

Everyday is different in The Clack House. And I love it. Everyone always asks "How do you do it with five boys?" And I just reply.."Live, learn and laugh" it's the only way.. =)


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  1. Hi Chasity, thanks for the post.. Your site is too adorable... our new design which comes out soon has a similar scalloped edge so we have the same taste.. be sure to enter our Funny Valentine Giveaway...


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