Monday, January 25, 2010

sweet personalization by kristen

Today while I was browsing Google Search ~Fabulous blog search tool by the way..I stumbled upon the CUTEST personalized gift site! It's called Chaotic Creations by Kristen. They are a boutique specializing in personalized, fun, unique and trendy gifts for any and all occasions.
She has an array of personalized items. These I thought were especially cute

Monogrammed Gifts for Baby

A Corduroy Monogrammed Dress shown in Light Pink w/ Hot Pink Trim.
Too precious!

Personalized lunch boxes
I love all things cupcake and this lunch box is too sweet!!

Monogrammed gifts for the Men
Something for Dad AKA King of the Grill =)

Dog Collar Charms
They even have something for the pooches!

So Fabulous!


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